As the weather gets colder and colder, so do the styles. As the leaves change their colors, unexpectedly so do we. They change to red, orange and yellow, but our colors change to more neutral and dark tones like browns and blacks. And as the leaves change, so do our wardrobes and this year my go to style is again a monochromatic look. In my closet there are natural tones all over and the only touch of color I will be adding this year is trough accessories.  The all neutral tones is  one of the longest-lasting trends for the past…



There are few things in the world that can strike the balance between fierce and gentle, but the color pink does. The color pink is a statement. Just ask Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. The minute Elle would show up in one of her iconic pink outfits, all eyes were on her, or you can ask Regina George. There’s a reason the girls wore pink on Wednesdays. Pink is that color– it’s honestly the new black.


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