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    My name is Katarina Mljač, I’m 22 years old and I come from a little country in the centre of Europe called Slovenia. I started writing this blog almost 2 years ago and I’ve chosen the name KEENAH because of my love for my little niece and that’s the name she called me by. As she grew older she slowly learned how to pronounce my whole name, but I was so keen on my little nickname that it stuck with me.

    I am a student management of design and a blogger. I love fashion and the whole creative side behind it. I am an eternal dreamer with great life goals. I like to work with photography, design, and everything that is related to fashion. My greatest inspiration is chaos, both in my head and in my wardrobe.

    As I’ve mentioned earlier I started this blog a few years ago but only one year ago was when I created my own website and started writing it a little more seriously. I love writing and sharing my stories and my love for fashion with all of you. I’m writing my blog as a hobby for now, but in the future I would love to do this for a living.
    With a lot of help from my big brother, who is also an official photographer for KEENAH, we
    are trying to make it even bigger and better!

    Love, KEENAH*

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