After not being able to travel around the world because of the pandemic, the girls and I decided that we are going to travel around our home country and get to know it a little better. Isn’t it funny that we’ve seen more cities around the world that in our own country? In this time of uncertainty and stress it’s lovely and relaxing to spend some time with your girlfriends and do fun stuff together, so we made it our new thing. We decided to travel around Slovenia and discover new places and new things to do. One car, 4 girls, countless bags and new places to discover. 

This time the road led us to Bela Krajina, the most beautiful land in the southeastern Slovenia on the border with Croatia covered in green vineyards and endless nature. We stayed in Vinica Castle Hotel and felt like princesses for a few days. The castle was restored and turned into a hotel, but still kept his original charm and vibe, which is what we loved the most. Persevered history with a modern touch. Our cosy stay and delicious breakfast help us get trough the eventful days of adventures and work. Our first day was a photo shooting day because we wanted to get that out of the way first and enjoy the trip later so, we had a lot of outfit changes and when we were done, we had a cute night in with a glass of rose and lots of laughs. 

We continued our trip to a vine cellar in Metlika of Winery Metlika, did a little vine tasting as well and ended up on the top of the hill with the most beautiful view of all the vineyards and the river below. After the vine tasting we had the pleasure of participating in a baking workshop, where we made the traditional “Pogača” and I think I made my grandma proud with the dough making skills. The workshop took place in a very homey restauratnt Veselič, where they also treated us with a very yummy and much needed lunch. After lunch we made our way to the funniest event in history. It took place in a old house called “Bistra buča” and the actor/teacher showed us how classes looked way back. A traditional school experience presented in a humours way truly made our day. 

When didn’t have anything planned we spend our time driving around and searching for interesting things to see and good places to eat at, so we were constantly on the move and our ride home was very quiet because we were exhausted! I loved seeing that part of Slovenia and I’m very happy I got to experience everything with my girls. We had so much fun together. Can’t wait for our next trip!


Photography: Nike Koleznik


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