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I’ve always been one of those girls whose skin care routine has been influenced by successful bloggers or instagramers even though they had no knowledge in that area. I’ve always been that girl who felt pressured to do or buy something in order to achieve the “perfect skin”. First of all, no ones skin is perfect, we all have bumps and lumps here and there, but the important thing is to know your skin and take care of it perfectly. Just because someone has a large following does’t mean that they are qualified to recommend skin care products to you and I’ve been seeing this a lot on social media lately. Often, they post about their skin care routine because they just happen to have a discount code for you. What this really means? They just make money off your sales using their code, and they are probably not putting that cream near their face. 

The best advice I can give you is to do research on your skin, your skin type and what products suit you best. This year I was really paying attention to my skin care because I’ve gone trough some stressful times and it resulted in my skin breaking out a lot, and I even got dermatitis all over my chin. And that was definitely my breaking point. I’ve been dealing with breakouts all my life but it never got this bad. I tried every single cream in desperation that it might magically heal my rash, but it got even worse. When it all simmered down and I was able to leave the house without feeling horrible, I decided to make a change and do something about my skin. And let me tell you, it was the best decision I ever made.

 I met up with Ines, the founder of, which is a platform/online magazine about health, well being and skin care, and we talked about skin,makeup,products, and all that jazz and it was really eye opening for me. Who knew that coconut oil was bad for you? Well, certainly not me!  So later that week I answered a quick questionary about my current skin care and how my skin reacts to all the products, and I sent it to the Fem Plus crew(cosmetologists and professionals) along with closeup pictures of my face and skin. It was so easy and short, but yet so helpful for them to understand and analyse my skin so they can prescribe  the perfect skin care routine for me. And they did! When the email popped to my email box I was so excited! I started reading my skin analysis and I was in total shock! I’ve been doing it all wrong! I immediately changed the products I was using and changed the whole routine, and the results were visible after a week. 

Who knew that the solution for bad breakouts was as simple as changing my diet a little, like stop eating spicy foods, and throwing away some of the products  that I’ve been using on my skin. My skin literally did a complete turn for the better since I incorporated a few new products and a slightly different skin care routine and I could not be more grateful for Fem Plus and the service they provide. The most caring and sweet team I ever had a pleasure to work with. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  I never thought I would be able to go outside without any foundation or concealer on my face, and still feel confident. Life changing. So if you’re having problems with your skin or have no idea on how to care care of it, turn to for the best advice and help you could ever hope for. 



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