Hello lovelies!

    This time I’m back to basics.

    The classic little black dress to spice up your closet. I haven’t been partying that much lately but I always find an excuse to find a cute new attire. I’ve been planning to go out with my girls soon so this is just a perfect match. A girls night and a sexy black dress.

    I was very hesitant at first when buying this dress because I thought that my shoulders were to wide to wear that kind of cut. But shame on me, judging the dress before even trying it on. And now I’m in love! I feel like a real Kardashian in this because it really emphasises my body shape in beautiful way. It hugs my body just right and makes it look even more curvy. I’m obsessed with wearing oversized things lately so this was quite a change for me. I always forget how my body actually looks like when I’m hiding constantly behind big jumpers and cardigans. It’s nice to give it back the shape. 

    If you look at my party section of the closet you will mostly find black mini skirts and dresses because I really do think that they are the sexiest little thing a girl can wear. And to be honest, because it to risky to wear anything more bright colour because it always gets ruined. It’s nice to stick to the basics. Hair and make up are also important when you are trying to make a gorgeous look. Don’t be afraid to go a little darker and experiment with different techniques. I love doing that before I go out, I have my own mini party in the bedroom while putting my makeup on. It’s the most fun! You should try it for yourself. The most relaxing and enjoyable at the same time.

    Take a little time of and blow off some steam this weekend with your girlfriends. HAVE FUN!

    Love, KEENAH*

    Dress is from: www.femmeluxefinery.co.uk/collections/dresses 


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