Last year was the first time a started talking about my skin problems and self consciousness, but I don’t think I’ve ever really shown what I’ve been dealing with.

I’ve had spots since I can remember, I think I started getting them in like 4th grade. I immediately turned to make up, thinking that it will go away if I cover it up. The older I got the more problems begin to occur. I was ashamed of how my skin looked at that time so I was hiding it most of the time, behind hair, makeup, but that never truly covered anything up.

My skin was breaking out so bad and all I did was scratch and squeeze and put more shit on my face. I was so unhappy and not confident in my own body, I even cried myself to sleep couple of times. I’ve tried everything in my power to get rid of my pimples, millions of creams, peelings, spot removers, you name it. But nothing ever really helped.

I started watching tutorials and youtube videos so I could see how other girls were dealing with the same problems. After hearing 309 opinions on how to achieve healthy skin, only one resonated in mind. Clean your insides and the rest will follow.

Since then I stripped back my daily skin care routine and also started hydrating more. I takes time to get all the things back to their normal state. I’ve destroyed my skins natural moisture and texture. I’ve scarred myself for life unfortunately.  I can’t tell you really what the secret is to achieving this glow, all I can tell you is that it starts within. It starts with a healthy body and a healthy mindset.

After years of struggle I finally found the right routine that suits me. Not every day is perfect, I still suffer from breakouts and I also have a very sensitive skin so when my immune system is down I get a lot of allergic reactions on my skin. Itchy, red patches all over my face. Not that pretty.

But this is me, I’ve learned to except it and rise above it. It’s important to take care of yourself, not just what you eat and drink but also how you deal with emotions and stress.

Skin is the first indicator that shows when something is not right internally. Take care of your mental health and your body. Love yourself and accept your flaws!



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