Afraid of color!

    If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent about 90% of your life dressed in all-black. I call it my daily uniform. All black everything to look elegant, put together and to never stand out too much. But there has been a slight change in in my wardrobe lately. I started to incorporate color into my life, to spice things up a little bit. 

    I’m gonna share a few tricks with you that helped me break out of my gloomy black cocoon. And I’m not just talking switching to navy blues or forest greens or other cop-out colors. I’m talking pinks, royal blues, even neon colors.

    I’m here today to urge you to consider wearing something that pops. I know, it’s hard. It makes matching your clothes a major pain in the ass, and it means reimagining your entire wardrobe. When everything you own is black, you just throw on whatever and it’s no worries. When you start incorporating color, you gotta consider if this goes with that and vice versa.

    I often wonder why so many people are afraid to wear color. Walking around in the big cities it’s a challenge to find brightly hued clothing in the crowds of people wearing all black. Yes black is safe and elegant and all that, but putting on a bit of color in the morning definitely brings a little edge to your style. You can play with proportion and texture to make a stunning and bold fashion statement. 

    I dare you, to buy one piece of clothing that has so much color your eyes will hurt. Start with the one statement piece and see how you can style it and learn how to deal with color. Begin your journey by incorporating colors in miniature amounts in your style. It could be shoes, a bag or even a statement necklace.

    Bring out your nudes! Nude separates, nude shoes, blend in beautifully with brighter hues.

    The easiest way to really dare to experiment with color but still be on the safe side is wearing a set of the same color. It could be a pallazo and crop top, a pant-suit, pretty much anything, as long as it matches, you’re good to go.

    Once you have all this figured out, you can try with Neon and all the brighter colors. DARE MORE!

    Love, KEENAH*


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