“As I walk out of the shower, I push my bedroom door open and head straight for my window seat, where I intend to stay for the next few hours. Settled into the cosy cushions I start applying my makeup. As my brush gently flows over my skin I think about him. I think about how he made me feel, how he touched my face even more gently than my fluffy brush.

Not knowing what to wear,  I cover my naked body with diamonds and as the cold presses to my skin I  shiver. I glance out the window and down at the street, where I had just come from. Not knowing where I will go next.

I go to my collection of black evening attires that have piled on the side of my bed. Analysing each outfit as I think I have nothing appropriate to wear.  As I put on my black jumpsuit I smile. I smile of happiness and wanderlust mindset. Though I am grateful to be here, knowing I won’t see him today took away the excitement and wonderment.

Night has settled over Paris, and as I leave, my heart aches.”




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