A dream come true.

Ever since I started my fashion journey I’ve been wanting to create something unique and one of a kind for myself but I never really felt like stepping out of my comfort zone. I feel like lately I just don’t seem to find anything appropriate for me in clothing stores. Nothing my style and nothing that would represent me the way I want to represent myself. Fashion to me is art and it is a way to express yourself. That’s why this collaboration was an even more important step in the right direction for me.

As I’ve said lately I haven’t really been impressed with the fashion choices stores have to offer, so I decided to do something about it. I contacted my friend who is a Fashion designer and she agreed to meet up with me. We had a little chat about what I want and what I imagine we could do together. I presented her my concept and she loved it! We immediately started realising the design, so she made sketches and I was so excited to see everything on the paper. I love two piece outfits and I’ve shared my love for them before. So that’s why I’ve decided I wanted to have a red or blue top and a skirt to go with it. I’ve managed to get my hands on some leftover material and she started making the dress from scratch. We really paid attention to my figure while doing this design, so we wanted to flatter my hour glass shape and made a tailored A shaped dress and a more oversized crop top to show a little bit of my belly. I really wanted to do big sleeves to add that little extra BANG. I truly believe this royal blue gives the whole design so much elegance. I’M OBSESSED! It’s amazing to see something you’ve only imagined  in real life and infront of you. I feel like this is only the beginning for me. I really hope I can do more, and maybe even start doing my own designs because I loved this procces so much and it is a truly different experience than buying something of the rack.

So yeah this is my first co-deisgned “baby”. My Royal Blue Dream*

I hope you loved this post as much as I’ve loved creating this outfit. For more designs from Tina you can go check out her Instagram profile- RUTINA DESIGN or website. You may even get your hands on one of her designs.


Ps, Thank you Tina for helping me out and making me look like a princess! <3



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