Lost weekend. 

On Christmas morning my brother surprised me with the coolest gift ever. A concert ticket for Rita Ora!!! I’ve been a fan of hers since forever and it ment the world to me to be able to see her perform live on stage. Because the concert was in München we decided to go on a little two day trip and seize the weekend.

We had an opportunity to stay at the most awesome hotel I’ve ever been to The Royal Bavarian. The whole hotel has a great concept and the whole design is amazing. What I love the most about it is that it was not just a normal stay, it was an experience. The vibe of the place is so chill but yet it gives you that royal filling, and the personnel is so nice and helpful.

When we checked in I honestly was not expecting such a nice welcome and the room was so great. Especially the bathroom and  the rainfall shower. BEST THING EVER!.The room was a little bit vintage with the modern twist.  Can you imagine the old German design style combined with the new fancy design?. Such a perfect combination and it really adds character to the place.

So we stayed here for one night and in the morning we had breakfast in the downstairs restaurant area and it was delicious, and I ate so much that I had to take another nap on our giant bed after breakfast.  On our way there we discovered 3 more beautiful rooms that were just breathtaking, a piano/chilling area, the main bathroom, and a hallway above the restaurant surrounded by millions of chandeliers. Amazing.

I felt like a little child because everywhere I looked there was a completely different scenery, every room had it’s own story to tell and those stories put together make this hotel so special.

What I loved the most was the attention to detail with every single thing. The small writings on the pillow cases, the gold phone in our room, the wallpaper.. Everything put together so thoughtfully and precise. We even had a speaker in our room so we could play the music as loud as we wanted to. How cool is that?. They made it so easy to get into the party mood before the concert.

So overall I really enjoyed the stay and if you are planning on going to Munchen any time soon you should definitely pay a visit to the 25 hours Royal Bavarian hotel! It really is worth it!

For more information about the hotel and what more they have to offer go check out their website! 25 hours hotel Munchen



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