Hello lovelies!

I believe I have not shared a fashion tip with you in a while now. It has been a hectic start of the year and I have so many projects coming up that I can barely keep up with myself. You all know how much I love fashion and that I am not just about that street style look, but I try to create as versatile looks as possible. So this time I went all in. It’s actually a really simple look, but the colours make it POP.! Red is a great way to add that extra spark  to your outfit but, also looks amazing in a monochromatic look. It looks so fashionable and chic.

I’ve avoided wearing red since the beginning of middle school when I acquired a sudden and uncontrollable blushing habit. I blushed when I was embarrassed, when I was pleased, when I was the recipient of too much attention, when I felt that I was talking in excess. The more I thought about how much I was blushing, the more I blushed. Blush, blush, blush, blush, blush. Despite what my cool-toned wardrobe would suggest, I have long admired red clothes from afar — their power, their presence, their declarative self-awareness. You want what you (tell yourself you) can’t have, I guess. And this year I was brave enough to buy more than one all red piece of clothing. I actually bought like 5 or 6. When I get a little to excited I sometimes go a little overboard.

As for why head-to-toe red is currently resonating? If history and science are any indication, it boils down to the desire to stand out. Thanks to the internet, there is more information at our fingertips than ever before. There’s more to see, more to consume, more to digest; the tools we use to be and feel distinctive have to sharpen in response. The fact that the kirakira app and head-to-toe red are trending in tandem doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. Both are mechanisms for taking something to an extreme in a way that catches the eye, cuts through the noise and delights.

So set yourself free and cut trough the noise of the greyish boring and loud everyday choices.  Buy yourself something red and free your wild spirit that will bring out the confidence you never even knew you had.



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