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I have talked about my skin problems on our #iamallwomen instagram page where I bare my soul and cried myself to sleep that night because I was afraid of the reaction I was going to get. I think that after accepting the way my body looks and my body shape I decided that I can’t go forward without accepting my whole self first. Because I know that I am not the only girl with bad skin  I decided to share this with our followers:

“I am all women who hide their faces behind makeup. I am all women who have suffered from skin problems. I am all women who have been scarred for life because of bad acne.
I haven’t shared my skin story before, but it is something I struggle with for almost 10 years. My skin is always the first sign of something happening internally and I’ve been really trying to keep my life in balance but sometimes if I’m under a lot of stress or eating badly my skin becomes a field of mini volcanos. I was in tears many times because of the state my skin was in and went on a rage of picking and squeezing and most horrible of all.. Scratching my skin till it started bleeding and right then and there I scarred myself for life.
I always feel embarrassed when my skin is acting up and I try to cover my face as much as possible. I always had a hard time making eye contact because I felt like the person next to me is seeing every single bumb on my face and judging me for it. No matter how hard I try I still suffer from really bad days. It can be consuming.  The best piece of advice I can give right now is to find people you feel comfortable with who don’t even make you think about it and never make you feel insecure. Not even for a second. If you have friends who suffer from skin problems, be their support, talk about it and remind them that they are still amazing on the inside and out and that they are beautiful even with their bumbs and lumps. You’re skin does not define you.”

Because skin is our biggest organ I really want to take care of it and treat it with respect. I believe everything can be cured from within and thats why I have an exciting project coming up. I will be getting help to clear my skin out and to try to live as healthy as possible. I believe in natural beauty and I am sick and tired of living under 3kg of makeup everyday , that I sometimes feel trapped in, so I will be trying my best to improve the way my skin looks and bring back that healthy glow to my face.

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