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Hello lovelies!

I feel I have to point out a few truths about blogging and this so called blogging world. Blogging is not just about ” oh I bought a new pair of shoes and they just magically repositioned themselves beautifully on my fur rug next to perfectly positioned sunflowers.”No. Today I am clearing out all the wrongs about blogging and what really happens “behind the scenes” when you call us and I cant talk because I am super busy or  have a photoshoot going on.

The usual question I get would be ” So, what is it that you actually do?”  If you have a family member that is a blogger, I’m sure you have asked them what the details of their job entails. And if you’re a blogger, I’m sure you’ve had people not take you seriously because of the mere fact that this career has been misunderstood more than a few times. I always get weird reactions, especially from adults when I mention things about my blog : Events, meetings, campaigns and all that. It is a tiny bit frustrating to have to explain but I feel that I am not only speaking for myself but I know I’m speaking on the behalf of tons of bloggers who have been feeling the same way as I am. Tons of people don’t believe that you’re actually busy because you run a blog. “Isn’t it just taking a few photos and posting your “OOTD” online?”  Oh boy does that annoy me so much. Blogging takes more than just a few pictures. It’s photography, editing, writing, replying to emails at least 10297 times a day, graphics, meetings, accounting, events, scheduling posts, social media stuff, traveling, designing, creating. It is non stop work around the clock.

That wrong perception of, ” Oh , you want to be a model , right?” So agitating.No I don’t want to be a model. No I’m not looking to be Victoria’s Secret’s next runway doll nor am I looking to be on some billboard. Let that be known. Just because we post our photos online and on social platforms, doesn’t mean we want to be a model. We simply want to post the clothing or products  ( which is a business and makes actual income from these posts) but also do it in a creative way.  I’m simply here to be women’s constant source of inspiration. I love to write, create, inspire and show women how to highlight the best versions of themselves.

Bloggers can be as catty as the high school cheerleading team…& I’m not interested in the head flyer position. I’ve sat with a few bloggers who have become my good friends. Over coffee, we’ve sat down agreeing how bloggers get very competitive with each other and of course there’s a lot of gossip and cattiness. I would strongly advise everyone to not get into this and to focus on your own thing, most importantly creating your own original content, original style and stick to that. Energy doesn’t lie, if in the beginning it’s already at a bad taste, leave. You’re better off working on your blog alone and stick to people who support you.

Instagram is as important as your blog. Yes we are picky about what we post on Instagram ( Photos must be uniformed, well edited and spotless most of the time) because it is a huge part of our blog. Without Instagram and Social platforms, there are no blogs. Instagram is the quickest way to connect with your readers.

Why are you taking pictures naked in the snow? Well, my dear readers, I’ve never been the type of girl to post random #ootd pictures on my blog. I try to produce creative content and I put a lot of thought and effort in to picking out outfits, locations and the vibe that I want to perceive on the photos. I try to make my photos look a little bit different then from all of the other bloggers. I want to go a little more “editoral”. I know that you get more likes when posting causal pictures of yourself sitting and all of those boring selfies. I’m not into that. I will stay true to myself and post content I believe in.



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