Hello lovelies!

I don’t usually post this kind of blogs but when I trust a product or service and enjoy it, it deserves a mention on my blog.

I think every girl likes to be pampered and feel beautiful all the time. My biggest obsession are my nails. Or any nails. When I first meet a person I always look at their nails. I cringe if I see that they bite them or pull the skin around them. I was bitting my nails when I was little and thankfully my mom made sure I stopped.

I think I really do love the way they look because my natural form is very classic, but they have been getting weak in this last few years, I believe its because of my bad diet. They were constantly cracking and peeling and I couldn’t keep them long even for a week. This year I decided to try something new. I tried GELISH manicure. At first I was really sceptic because I haven’t heard any good reviews, but after my first try I was obsessed. I have been doing Gelish since October and my nails are more beautiful than ever. I haven’t broken a nail since and they are still strong even without the Gelish. What I love the most is that you can be care free for almost a month, you don’t have to polish your nails or anything because it is very sustainable.

I’ve been doing my nails at TINALS SALON LEPOTE in Skaručna. But they don’t do just nails, they have a bunch of options. I got my eyelash extensions done and I also had a massage. I don’t think I’ve ever been more relaxed than I was that day. It was my first massage ever and It was incredible. I’m very happy with their service and the staff is also so kind and caring. I highly recommend a visit! (If you are from Slovenia).

I hope you enjoyed this little chit chat blog, I will be doing more ‘lifestyle’ posts in the future.



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