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I really think I have been very impersonal on my social media and I feel a little disconnected with all of you. That’s why I decided to do a little Q&A about me, and share with you some of the things I haven’t shared with you before. I asked you to write me your questions and things you would like to know about me so here are my answers.

How would you introduce yourself?
My name is Katarina and I write a fashion blog. I’m a young student and fashion enthusiast, who spends her free time creating a blog and doing photography.

What fashion means to you?
Fashion to me is ART. Art of becoming someone, because it reflects a visual image of human personality.

Where does the name KEENAH come from?
I took on the name KEENAH because of my love for my little niece and that’s the name she called me by. As she grew older she slowly learned how to pronounce my whole name, but I was so keen on my little nickname that it stuck with me.
And I also found meaning of this name online and it couldn’t be more spot on that’s why I decided to share it with you.

“Keenah means to be awesome. There will never be another like Keenah. Keenah’s are someone who loves to have a good time and loves to be loved. They will do anything for family and friends. Keenah’s are loyal, a fighter, emotional, and full of love. Tends to value friendships more than others and fights for what’s worth fighting for. Stronger than you think and weaker than you think. If you come across a Keenah she is a person who will overcome most obstacles, but still may need help from time to time doing so. Humble people. A Genuine and sincere people. but overall, Keenah is awesome.”

How did you start blogging?
About 4 years ago I was constantly talking about blogging, and I was following many bloggers on social media, but I never had enough courage to start blogging myself. One day I came to my brothers room and he was sitting behind the computer and staring at his screen. After 3minutes he turned around and said : “Here’s your blog, now start writing!”. And thats how my blogging ‘career’ started.

When did you start blogging more seriously?
Well for the first two years I was writing just like once a month or not even that, I was doing it just to chase to boredom away. But than I created my own website and now I’m blogging more frequently and in slowly evolving my creativity and making it my job.

Who is your favourite blogger?
My favourite international blogger without a doubt is Chiara Ferragni, I’ve been following her for 5 years now and she really is my Icon. She is the ultimate girl boss and I just wish I was as driven as she is.

What do you love to do in your free time?
In my free time I love to hang out with my friends and family. I love spending quality time with all the people special to me and I feel that it is the most important thing in life. To spread love and positivity. I also love doing photography so I spend my free time taking pictures with my friends.

What is your favourite quote?
“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”- Maya Angelou

Where do you shop and what is your favourite piece of clothing?
I mostly shop in Zara and H&M, when traveling I also go to BikBok, Forever 21 and Mango. I don’t have a favourite piece of clothing because I try to include a different IT piece in every styling, sometimes it’s the shoes, sometimes it’s the coat or even trousers. It really depends on the style I’ m going for.

How do you make money, where does your income come from?
I make money like most of students. I had many jobs in this past year, from doing promotions to selling clothes and shoes, and working in a bakery. I work my ass off so I can pay for my own expenses like traveling, clothes, makeup and all that jazz.

Where do you find inspiration for all your stylings?
I mostly find my inspiration on social media, where I search for different styling ideas. But when creating a styling I always include my own touch, so I don’t loose my personality in the process. The inspirations always serve just as an idea and not the whole styling. I always try to stay true to myself and put my little twist on every outfit.


Thank you for all your questions and I hope you like this little Q&A!



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