Doing it for the ‘gram?

When was the last time you did something for yourself and not for the ‘gram? When was the last time you went to a cafe and it was not for posting purposes, but because you wanted peace and quiet as you enjoyed that cup of coffee? When was the last time you wore an outfit that you actually love, without social media telling you what to wear?

As a social media gal, I admit to being guilty doing as such. However let’s not forget that before I am a blogger, influencer, social media enthusiast or any other expression they have nowadays, I am a person. A person who loves coffee. I’ve tried my hardest to stay away from this tall, dark and handsome cup of glory in the morning and failed numerous times. I’ve tried converting to tea and all the mainstream matcha nonsense, but at the end of the day I figured out that nothing can replace that taste and warm feeling of coffee running down your troth and the feeling of calmness it brings. I’ve learned that I was trying out new things solely for the purpose of being “cool”. I find that my style falls into this category as well. I have to stay true to myself in order to provide content that inspires me and helps me evolve. While everyone is out writing about this seasons hottest trends, I’m here to write about what no one else is writing about.

You don’t have to document your every iced coffee you ever drank, every flight you’ve flown or every bag you purchased. Yes you’re proud and rightfully so! Hell, you’ve earned it. But ever know how it feels to be proud of something, offline? Did you purchase that new piece of clothing for the ‘gram or was it just for yourself? A point blank question that may have dropped some jaws and widened some eyes, but here I am addressing it because at this age and time, you won’t be surprised at height people would go for, to do it for the ‘gram. Try purchasing something you’ve had your eye on for a while and not share it. I dare you.

Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it without outside validation. Do things for the right reasons and not to simply fill up tiny squares in your Instagram aesthetically. Remember fashion sleeps with one eye open, trends come and go but your time, is ticking as you are reading this. I’m here to remind you to take breaks as often as you’d like because it’s okay. So go. Not for the gram, not for the trends, do it for yourself. Go someplace else and make that mark, drinking that cup of coffee elsewhere.



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