Today we stand in front of you, exposed. Naked down to the core, to our very roots.
We are #iamallwomen
A group of three friends who decided to make change in our lives, to stop letting society and it’s unrealistic standards dictate our everyday routine. We stand here, in front of you, to show you you can do the same. We are here to make a change, make our voices heard, and inspire you to do so as well.

Life is about acceptance and love. It’s about a positive mindset, attitude, and compassion. It is about surrounding yourself with positive people, creating new beginnings. Remember; light casts no shadow.

We all have different stories. Stories that made us who we are today, stories that need to be heard. So here we are, beginning anew, and taking all of you with us.Follow us on @iamallwomen

I am all women whose scale number dictated their lives. I am all women who had been picked on. I am all women who felt ashamed of their bodies.I am all women!

I always thought I didn’t fit in this world, because I had rounder hips and my stomach was not as flat as it should be, I thought nobody likes me and started looking myself trough the most hateful eyes even though they didn’t even exist. I neglected my own body because I was convinced that I will never look like most girls and why would I even try. I didn’t love my body! But now, as I get older I see what my priorities in life are. I’m getting more confident, more self aware. I’m not trying to change myself anymore, I’m trying to embrace my body and soul and just living life to the fullest! This is me. The real me. All my 100 freckles, 50 beauty marks, 25 stretch marks, 5 scars and only 1 sparkle in my eyes!

My body acceptance story started two years ago when I decided to change my body. I decided I wanted to loose weight so I can feel better in my own skin. I hired a personal trainer and everything. When I started training and going on a diet, I really loved it. At first. I lost a lot of weight and I got so strong, I loved working out and the gym started becoming my escape from the real world. But why was I still needing an escape when I had it all right? I wasn’t happy.

Once  you start your journey to getting fit, you always look for inspiration elsewhere. For me, that was instagram. I started looking at all the fit beautiful girls, with their six packs and perfectly shaped butts and I wanted to be like them. I started getting obsessed with the “ideal body”, counting my every calorie, constantly weighting myself and never feeling good enough. It was depressing. Everything I did or ate just felt wrong, I wasn’t enjoying life anymore and my body felt weaker every day. Because of my depression I just couldn’t do it anymore. I stopped working out and started over eating. I was a mess! Since then I really learned about myself and my body and I started to treat it with respect. I still love working out and I can’t wait to go back to the gym to kick some ass, but not for wight loss, for my health and well being.  I learned to appreciate myself as I am and  I am in love with every inch of my body.

In this past few years I came to a conclusion that I have to find a healthy balance between working out and getting physically stronger and still feeling good about myself. I love me as I am, but I still welcome change in my life. We are growing up, our bodies are constantly changing and we have to accept that! Love the you you are now, and love the you you will be tomorrow!



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