Hello lovelies!

I know you are used to seeing only fashion content on my blog, but I really am trying to make my blog a little more diverse and trying out new things as they come. A little more than a week ago I decided to meet up with an amazing girl Tinkara, who did my hair and makeup and we did a little mini photo shooting for our blogs. We talked about a lot of things, boys, blogging, life in general and also about how strongly we feel about body shaming and hate among girls. You can check Tinkara’s little take on body shaming here and my little take on it on her instagram here: .

I decided to dedicate this blog to all the girls out there! I’ve been noticing more and more that the girls in my age group don’t really stick together. We are full of judgment and hate even before we meet them in person. I’m am also one of those girls. Sometimes when I feel intimidated I get hateful and something in my head just clicks- SHE IS NOT OK! But why? Why are we all like this? I think society is a little F***ed up nowadays. Every girl wants to be the best looking, the best in her category and if other girls are threatening her position she will bite.

We don’t understand how strong we are, not as individuals, but as a group! We forget that we can do greater things together, that letting someone help you and by listening to other advice we can be better. The judgments and looking down on other girls will not make you a better person. It will corrupt you and when you’ll need help, nobody will be there for you. We are all different, we are all individuals trying to succeed in this world. Every girl wants for her voice to be heard, but if you try to put other girls to shame your voice won’t be any louder.

In the blogging world we are all “competition”, but that can be a great thing. We make each other better, because we always try to up our game and do our best. The only problem is, when you don’t find your voice and try to copy others. That won’t do you right, trust me! it takes a while to discover who you really are and what you want to achieve in life, but you always have to stay true to yourself and follow your own heart and do be intimidated by other girls! You are just as good, just as capable and YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU SET YOUR MIND TO.



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