Hello lovelies!

I’ve been writing my blog for quite some time now and I feel like a need a little breath of fresh air in my work, to spice things up a little bit. Trough this creative year I will try new things and try to make my blog more interesting for you readers.

This is a special post because I had a pleasure to work with an amazing makeup artist Rebecca Gliha. At first I was a little bit sceptic because I’m really shy, especially when my face is “naked”. I’ve had problematic skin since forever and it is very hard for me to go anywhere without makeup. And since I’m not a makeup expert myself, I just wear simple makeup. I normally wear just foundation, eyeliner, mascara and bronzer, but I’ve been getting really bored with this look and I wanted to try something new.

I put my face in the capable hands of Rebecca and just let the magic happen. We did a more bronzy smoky eye and when I got dressed I saw how makeup and clothes go hand in hand. I’ve never put much effort and thought in my makeup look because I did’t know that I had that much of a role in the whole look. I was really surprised with how everything turned out and I really loved it. Can’t wait for our future collaborations.

And a little something about this Fall look. I love hats, and even more I love a good pair of high waisted pants. Because I have a rounder shape I love wearing high waisted things to create a more hourglass figure. A little pro tip for you my ladies, wear  high waisted pants with a top that is not too short but still shows a little bit of skin, It really elongates your body and it’s very flattering.

And as you may have noticed, I love this fall colour palette. It’s so beautiful. The warmer and darker shades really bring out that special feeling of comfort and elegance.

I would love to hear what’s your favourite fall look!! DM me on instagram or write me an email. I would really love to get to know my readers more and hear your thoughts!

You can also get your make up done by the amazing Rebecca. This are Rebecca’s Instagram and youtube accounts! Make sure to check her out!!





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