Hello lovelies!

Fall is always the best time for reinvention. We always have stupid New year resolutions, but lets face it, changes are made in fall. Coming home from vacation and going back to college, or work, we always try to start fresh. Waking up early, trying to fit at least 3 workouts a week, eating healthy, being more social, these are a few I stick to again and again. This year I’m adding one more thing to my list: PUT IN WORK!

I always thought that I would get great results even if I don’t put much effort into it, but staying in the same position for 2 years really got me thinking, am I doing enough? I had a lot of doubts regarding my blogging career and one time I was even about to quit. Stupid me, right! I really hope that I will make it work this year and be more successful. I have a lot of exciting things and trips coming up and I can’t wait to share more content with you.

Trench coats for fall? Groundbreaking, I know! I shot this look a week ago and I really love it. The oversized coat and leather top are just two great essentials for fall. I used to hate faux leather, because it seemed so plastic to me and unnatural, bit this year I’m really giving it a try. And also, I stole this beautiful coat from my brother, thank god for his great fashion sense !

My fashion story is quite long and I’m rewriting it over and over again. I hope you enjoyed my short comeback post and next post will be a really special collaboration. CAN’T WAIT!

Love always, KEENAH*


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