Hello lovelies!

You know that feeling when you want something and you just can’t get it? It’s so frustrating! I have so many goals and plans but nothing really seems to be getting done. I must say I kinda hate myself right now because of the lack of motivation in my life. I’m so behind everything it hurts.

I feel like we all have that time frame when nothing gets done properly. But let me tell you something, sometimes it works for the better and you do something in that time that will maybe be an even better choice, but you were thinking so much about the right things to do that you don’t think about the things you would love to do and enjoy your time while doing them. So here goes the truth. I’ve never cared much about my school projects and education in general. When I was in school I used to dance and I made it a priority. Dance first, school second. I still had good grades and all but I just found myself happiest when I wasn’t stressing about my grades and just enjoying life. And the same goes for now.

My college life isn’t as fun as I imagined and I find it very hard to find motivation to do any work or even go to class. Meanwhile I just love traveling, discovering new places and writing blogs. I never thought blogging will become such a huge part of my life. It really is all I think about and I can’t imagine doing anything else right now. It makes my creative side run free and I really enjoy it. For me it’s not about the money and free stuff or even popularity, it’s about showing the other side of me, the more edgy and daring side of my personality, the KEENAH to Katarina.

A lot of my friends have been saying that blogging is dumb and in our country you don’t get a lot of credit for being a blogger, and let me just tell you something.. I don’t care! I love doing it. It is a big investment at first but eventually every hard work pays off am I right?

Btw, I’m loving my vacation in London right now but I just thought I would write something a little more personal this time and not just about the latest trends.

Love, KEENAH ❤️



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