Hello lovelies!

Believe it or not this is one of my favourite T-shirts and it’s not even mine! I stole this one from my brothers closet, because why not, thats what siblings are for right? I had to pack everything because we are going to London this evening and I had nothing to wear so I had to get creative. I borrowed this oversized simple black t-shirt and worked my way around it. I’ve been getting a lot of messages from where I got this dress/tunic, so I guess it worked and I really made it look like a dress. I don’t usually experiment too much with my make up but It really made the whole look come together and also I didn’t go easy on the jewellery. I put on every single thing that was shiny. I easily get distracted by shiny things haha, I got that from my mom. You won’t believe how stressful it is for the person that goes shopping with us. We just grab the most glittery and over the top things we can find and my brother is just laughing at us, because we just can’t be bothered with someone else’s opinion. Can you relate?

I hope you enjoyed this short version of a blog, I’ll bring you a lot more content in the future. Be prepared for my London trip extravaganzas haha.

Talk to you soon!





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