Hello lovelies!

I rarely copy outfits to the T, I always just get inspiration and follow the concept of the outfit. But this time was different. I fell in LOVE with this outfit when I saw it on Angelica Blick. A total white suit with yellow slippers from Zara. So classy yet edgy and a little different, I’m not a suit kinda girl, I’m more into dresses, but this combination is awesome.

I paired my new oversized blazer with some old white pants that my mom tailored for me because they were way to big at the beginning. Because I love accessories I had to add a bunch of them to this outfit. Chains, glasses, a Guess bag and a belt to cinch in the blazer at the waist. Because it is oversized I thought it looked way cooler with the belt and nothing underneath to show some skin.

I feel like there is nothing wrong if you copy the whole outfit as long as it doesn’t happen too often, and doesn’t define you. And still you have to add some of your own touch! That is very important, so you don’t loose  your identity while wearing the outfit that wasn’t really yours to begin with.

I’m packing for London right now so I’m keeping this one short. I hope you find this advice useful. Let me know what you think!


BLAZER: Forever 21



BAG: Guess


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