Hello lovelies!

Everyone that knows me, knows that I can be a prude. When I’m going out I never wear super mini skirts or huge cleavage, I can be a little bit of a nun. I don’t know if it’s because of my lack of confidence or am I really to classy to bare it all, but I never really was much of a revealing type of girl. In fashion nudity is not an issue so I had to step up my game. You see girls in magazines almost naked just covered with a scarf or even just a see through dress and nothin underneath. And now a days body confidence is trending up and I’m loving it!

All the girls are running around braless, in shorty shorts and crop tops and I’m all for it!! I’ve been reading a lot about this theme in particular because I really think I could do some extra work on my confidence, seemingly I don’t have one and therefore I did my research!

So body confidence should come from within you and it is not something that will come when you snap your fingers. You gradually start improving it and pumping up yourself with good motivation and positivity every day, so that one day you can easily say f*** what you all think, I look great, I feel great and I love myself as I am. It did took me awhile to get where I am today and I’m still improving day by day. I still have moments where I feel so sick of myself and feel like a piece of garbage and nothing looks good on me, and I think we all have them. It’s okay!

Like I said, your confidence really does come from within and if your not feeling it every day, the earth will still turn and the sun will shine a little brighter the next day. When I first put on this outfit, I started laughing at myself while I was posing in front of my mirror. I haven’t seen this much skin in ages! I felt completely naked but also kinda cool. It had that jLo vibes and I just wanted to rock it! I paired my new body from BikBok with some old black shorts and a white hoodie also from BikBok to cover up some skin. I really enjoyed this look and shooting it was also pretty fun! I hope you like it as well and make sure to stay tuned for more looks that will be up this week!

Love you guys!! KEENAH*



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