Hello lovelies!

I’ve always been the kinda girl who owned a lot of jewelry, but none of it was high quality. I had billions of necklaces that broke just after one night out, and watches that simply did not make it more then two weeks. I blame that on the fast fashion! We all want to have the jewelry that is trending right now and if you can’t afford the original you buy the cheap version. You know you’re only going to wear it once or twice so the quality isn’t what matters. But thank goodness I grew out of that. I’m not saying I don’t buy cheap jewelry in like H&M and Zara, but I’m definitely spending less on them and buying what I think I will really wear often.

When growing up you really start noticing more the materials and fabrics you put on your body and for my sensitive skin that definitely matters. I decided that a small adult like me deserves some unique and timeless pieces of jewelry that will be in use every single day. This Daniel Wellington watch is more than perfect. I love classy and minimalistic accessories because they really go well with every outfit. I love it how one simple watch or bracelet can easily become a part of your morning routine, you just can’t leave your house without putting them on and without them you feel kinda naked.
I am so excited for this collaboration with Daniel Wellington! In the pictures I’m wearing the CLASSIC PETITE | 32MM STERLING In silver, paired with CLASSIC CUFF in silver. I think their are the perfect combination!
I’ll put the link to their site in the description so you can buy your own watch and with my code “KEENAH15” you’ll get 15% off your next purchase. 

Treat yourself!


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