Hello lovelies!

Getting dressed in this season (spring/summer) is just so tough. It’s chilly in the morning but then it get’s just f-ing hot in the afternoon and you are ready to tare your clothes off and just jump in the nearest fountain, but thats illegal so that means you have to dress smart so you don’t get hot as easily.. I think we all know a safe choice for the summer is a cute flowy dress and maybe a light cardigan over if you’re cold in the morning. But as much as I love wearing dresses I’m obsessed with jumpsuits. Finding this one was just life changing!

It is like 4 sizes too big, but when I thigh it around the waist it fits perfectly. My friends did not believe that I will wear it during the day and all that because they thought is was too much. Too red ? Well I wear it a lot lately, and it is so airy and comfortable so If you see me in the city and I’m wearing it for the forth day in a row, please don’t judge me. I’m also kind of a fan of scarves and experimenting with accessories. When I tied this scarf around my head my brother just bursted into laughter. I didn’t know what was so funny because I thought I looked really cool. He said I looked like a cleaning lady or something and I just smiled and said: ” Well, I like it and I’m wearing it either you like it or not”. I just threw on my moms vintage Ray Ban’s and walked out the door. I think the outfit turned out really great, it looks pretty fresh. I love colors and even tough I don’t wear them much, I feel really good in popping colors. These kind of outfits really do spice up my day! So, todays advice:

First… Experiment!! Don’t just stay at your comfortable place.

Second… Even if a piece of clothing doesn’t fit you as a glove, you can make it work! Belt it, tie it, be creative! 

Last…. Trust your instinct and don’t listen to others!



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