Since Valentines day is approaching with the speed of light and we’re all freaking out about what to wear, this will be a short date night outfit blog. I love Valentines day! Even if I am not in a relationship I always make plans with my girlfriends and just have fun! I think it’s important to share love and joy with your close ones and Valentines day is a great opportunity for that.

If you are like me than you know that going somewhere for dinner or even just a drink on a holiday brings out a lot of preparation. From choosing the right dress and makeup to choosing the right gifts and we all need a little help with making the right decisions sometimes.

Choosing the right outfit can sometimes be a lot more stressful than you think guys! Making decisions between two different styles is always the hardest. I hate when I can’t make up my mind. I love the girly side of me but sometimes I really want to dress up a little more edgy or even tomboyish. That’s why I decided to mix up all these three styles together and created one of my favorite looks.

I paired a short glitter dress with edgy heeled boots and topped with my new pilot jacket that makes the whole look so much cooler. This jacket really is great! I bought it in the smallest size available and it is still oversized and a very tomboyish bomber, I’m obsessed!

Sometimes mixing and matching different styles can be really fun! Why follow the rules when you can experiment and find your own personal style!

So with that said I hope you try to experiment with your date night outfit and wear something that will make you feel special.

I hope you enjoy this special day and eat as much chocolates as possible and drink a glass of your favorite wine to top of your evening!

Love, love, love KEENAH*


Dress: ZARA


Jacket: H&M


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