Have you ever tried to step out of your comfort zone but was always too shy? I have this problem every morning when I try to pick out an outfit. I never dare to experiment and always go for simple and comfy, but when I’m really in the zone I love to dress up.

My usual dress up outfit is just a simple dress and some heels but since I have to step up my game as a fashion blogger I decided to put a little twist on a that “simple” dress kinda look.

I paired a see-trough shirt with a top and shorts and it turned out great. It actually looks like a proper dress. I also love that it is a little reviling but the sheer material covers just enough. Being a little sexy and sneaky was never in my interest before but I’m digging it now!

If you are not a color person like me, blue is the best choice! I tried to switch up my daily choice (black) with something different but still keep it on the down low. Navy blue really is one of the most beautiful colors. It’s a true elegent shade a gives those “royal” vibes.

I hope you enjoy this look and I’ll talk to you soon!


Shirt: ZARA
Heels: FOREVER 21



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