Hello lovelies!
It’s been a while since my last blog post because I took a little time off from social media this holiday to relax my mind and enjoy time with my family on Christmas. I hope you had an awesome one and received as much love as possible and eaten as many cookies your tummy could bear.
This blog is a little different than usually. I wanted to show you a more relaxed version of me, because lets face it, I don’t really walk around in a dress and heels everyday. I’m so used to dressing up that when it comes to daily choice of outfits I never know what to wear, because I feel like nothing is good enough.
This holiday we went on a little shopping spree across the border and I decided to stock on my basics. One of my favorite pieces is this little black mesh dress from Zara. It’s such a versatile and basic piece and yet so unique. It can be also a little cheeky, which I love!
The most important thing in this outfit is for sure this amazing beanie from Esquire. It’s a Slovenian brand that makes the coolest T-shirts, sweaters and also beanies. They are meant for comfort and fun and each and every piece is unique and meant just for you. They are all about expressing yourself and inspiring others!
I normally don’t wear beanies because I hate how much they itch and make my forehead all red but this one is really amazing! I’ve been wearing it a lot lately because it’s just so comfortable.
Hope you guys enjoyed this side of me and I’ll be back tomorrow with something more festive and fun. Have a great friday!


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