Good afternoon lovelies!*

You know that feeling when you’re just stuck behind the computer and want to write so much but nothing comes out? This dress is just everything! I don’t know if I can do it justice.

When searching for the right location to shoot I didn’t just want to shoot a normal street style look but I wanted to do something a little more glamorous. When my brother suggested the Palme house in Vienna, I knew that was the right place.

This is also one of the pieces from Angelica Blicks collection with Bik Bok. It is an off-shoulder maxi dress with draping and split in front. It has drawstring in waist to make your figure look like an hourglass.

It is also a really versatile dress. You can wear it with your jeans and it looks amazing. You just tuck it in at the front and it looks very fresh and young. I think I will do a blog post about it because I feel like you guys really need to know how one piece of clothing can have a lot of different roles.

I’m currently obsessed with the off the shoulder pieces. I think it is the most flattering way to show of some skin and look classy as hell. It’s subtly sexy and effortless fashion.

Now I’m going to get ready and maybe pour myself a glass of wine and then enjoy the company of my family♥
Have a great day, LOVE YOU ALL and talk to you next week!


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