Hello lovelies!

“Let me hold both your hands in the holes of my swater.. 🎶”

The chilly weather brought out the best of my winter closet. Sweater weather is finally here! I’m obsessed with comfortable clothes and sweaters are definitely the best choice.

I must admit that I don’t own a lot of nice sweaters, just the ones that are only aceptable at home so I decided to invest in something more outwear appropriate. If you know me well you might know that I don’t just settle for a normal basic sweater, it has to be something special. I bought this one in Zara and it is absolutely stunning. I love the long sleeves and how you can tie them to make a more beautiful silhouette.

To make it a little more glam glam I added a shiny brooch. It is an amazing decorative jewelry item designed to be attached to garments. I feel like they have been a little forgotten, people don’t wear them that often anymore and that has to change! I feel like you can do so much with a brooch, you just have to be creative so your outfit doesn’t look dated.

I rarely wear things on my head, like glasses or hats, because I have a small head and nothing really suits me, but I had a good feeling about this hat that I bought in Paris and just had to give it a go. It adds that fall vibes and makes it even more season appropriate.

You might think I’m crazy for wearing shorts but sunny days get quite warm around here so being cold was not even the slightest problem.

I love the combination of shorts or skirts with a huge sweater and some accessories. It has that warm embrace but with a pinch of youth and playfulness.

I hope you enjoyed the look and the little behind the scenes video. I’ll talk to you soon, in the meantime enjoy the sunny days that are ahead and make them count!





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