Hello lovelies!

First autumn look is here and more to come! It’s starting to get really cold now, but I’m still holding on to my short dresses and bear legs. I feel like we have to make the most of the warm days that are running away too soon. Catching the last sun reyes while walking the streets of Vienna is the perfect way to end the holidays.

With my figure I always struggle to look tall and somewhat skinny so I have limited choices when I’m shopping for new clothes. When I was younger I never wanted to experiment with my style because I could never find clothes that fit my body and also look cool. It’s not as easy when you got short legs and a little bigger booty.

I think this look does good for my body. The dress covers just the right amount of thighs and is also a little bigger so it doesn’t hug my curves. A plunging neckline really brings out the feminine side to the look and a pinch of sexiness. I also love how this heels make my legs look because they elongate them and make them legs look good. I also adore my new coat, I think this was one of my smartest purchases in a long time. It was so cheap and so worth it. I think I’m gonna wear it all autumn.

Now lets talk about the hair! I always wear straight or curly hair and never do anything else with it, this time I wanted to do something funky and I tried this cool half bun. I wear this hairstyle at home but never in public because I’m never courageous enough to pull it off, but this time around I was feeling it! And also the sunglasses, they just make the outfit whole.

I feel I have so versatile autumn outfits and I can’t wait to share them with you so stay tuned!
Love always, KEENAH*

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