Hello lovelies!
Before my college lectures start I decided to go on a little adventure so I followed my brother to Vienna. Best decision ever! It feels really nice to get away from everything for a while and just contemplate about life. I visited Vienna many times so it almost feels like a second home, but this one has better shopping centers(yes I’m a true shopping addict, sorry not sorry).

One of my favorite pieces from my closet, or should I say suitcase, is this gorgeous red jumpsuit. It’s like 4 sizes too big but I think that makes it even more cool. Recently my fashion choices were made very quickly and with so much carelessness that I was surprised and actually proud of myself. Usually I’m overthinking about everything and then always end up with the same boring outfit, but not lately.

I’ve always been convinced that I can’t pull off red color because of my blonde hair and pail skin but now I see I was wrong. I love this combination. I’m also impressed with how culottes look on me, because I have short legs and can’t really wear anything.

This might sound silly but I think jumpsuits are the best thing in the world. So easy to dress up and look put together from head to toe. I swear my closet is made of jumpsuits! They are the perfect items for effortless style and they are an absolute must.

Hope you guys enjoyed my look and i’ll be shooting a lot more while i’m in Vienna so i’ll be back with more cool stuff in a blink of an eye.



img_6890 img_6846 img_7005 img_6941 img_7020


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