830A6068Hello lovelies!

I swear this was one of my favourite photoshootings! Never in a million years would I thought I would ever wear a tutu with my favorite jewerly of all time Frey Wille.

You know when you are little and just drowning in your moms magazines looking at all the beautiful pictures and wishing that one day you could have all of those things and be one of those classy ladies. My favorite saying of the month is “Actually you can do anything or be anything your heart desires.” And that is something I strive for, I no longer want to be the girl that dreams of having things and wishes she could do all the things in the world, but from now on, I will be the GIRLBOSS that follows her heart.

I know it might sound cheesy but don’t listen to others, do what you wanna do, wear what you wanna wear and live your life by your own rules. Today I decided to wear a tutu, so I did! It is an amazing frilly tulle skirt from Zara and I must say, I was very skeptic at first but it just becames an it piece once you have it.

And I also got the oportunity the wear some of the amazing pieces by Frey Wille. I felt like one of those ladies from the magazines and I finally had a feeling I am going the right way!

Hope you enjoyed this post and there will soon be fresh content on my blog, so stay tuned!


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