Alice in Forgotten Land

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Hello lovelies!

Sometimes I wonder how much beauty and great things have gone by and how much of that we have forgotten or didn’t even acknowledge at the time. It amazes me how many things we see in only a day but we are always in such a hurry to get somewhere that we never really pay attention to anything that so rounds us.

While on vacation we discovered this awesome abandoned luxury hotel and we just couldn’t help it so we went in to take a look. I must admit, it gave me the creeps. As we walked trough the hotel I could not stop imagining how cool this place must have looked and the people who have walked this halls. It must have been amazing!

But even though the floors were covered in dirt and broken glass the hotel still had this fascinating vibe to it. A lot of things have been stolen so it looks a little vandalized, but above all that the place still looks like from some kind of movie.

It’s funny how many places and things we let fall apart and how many are just simply forgotten. I think we should pay more attention and preserve the things that are valuable, because in time they can mean a lot more!


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