Hello lovelies!

I’m finally home from my trip to Paris and I can’t wait to share all the content with you. I’ve been feeling a little bit sick this past few days and now I finally managed to get my health back on track so I decided to write one blog before I start studying for my last exam. You may already know that I love basic pieces of clothing but always with a little twist, because without it it’s just boring.

When we went shopping in Paris my brother showed me a long army green t-shirt and I wasn’t really impressed with it at first glimpse but he just said to hold on to it while we look around and I did. And the funny thing was, once we got to the cashier I couldn’t let her go. As I was holding the t-shirt in my hand for the past half hour I just felt like we belong together, I know it might sound funny but somehow it just felt right to buy it.

I’m in love with this shirt because it’s so simple and yet it’s something special. It can be worn as a dress and in the back it has a different material so it looks more structured. I also really like that you can regulate the bottom, you can tie it a little bit tighter and you get this awesome balloon structured shape. At first I thought I’ll will look like a sack of potatoes in it but I was really surprised with the outcome and this is my new fave.

It is funny how sometimes we would give up on things that don’t really give a first good impression and we never really give them a chance to change that and I know you might thing I’m a little crazy for comparing clothes to life but that is just my opinion. I feel like giving and taking chances is truly important and that is what makes tour life complete, because you never know unless you try. I hope you enjoyed this post and I will talk to you soon!


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