Hello lovelies!

This place is amazing! I’ve only been in Paris for 2 days and I’m already head over heels for it. This capital is the true kingdom for fashion! I’ve never seen so many shops in one place, I mean it’s true that I don’t travel all that much but this place is unreal.

Well and as It was bound to happen one day, we decided that today will be the day for shopping. It was a true success! We had so many bags we didn’t know what to do with them.

I don’t know why but this city brings out the best in me fashion wise. When I travel I usually just wear simple plain clothes so I don’t have to worry about where I seat and
how I look but here, here is where my inner Parisian comes out in her best light.

When I saw this little coat it was love at first sight! It is a statement piece and we all know how crazy I am about them, so this one was one exception.

Even though we’ve been here for just a few days I feel like home and I am looking forward for our days ahead. Such fun!

Au revoir!
Amour, KEENAH*

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