Hello lovelies!

My Paris adventure has just started and I’m having a blast. You know that feeling when your plane takes off and your stomach gets so tight you think you’re about to die? It’s the most amazing feeling and since it’s been the longest time i’ve been on the plane I enjoyed every single moment of it.

When we got of the plane euphoria took over me and I was ready to concur the city. We were hungry like wolfs so we stopped at a cute restaurant which was near our apartment and then after we got changed it was ready, set, GO!

Our 7h walk started at the amazing museum de Louvre and there was someone who caught my eye. Can you guess who? Well, let me just say he was a sight for sour eyes, It’s was the gorgeous Mariano Di Vaio! The only bad thing was, I was wearing 14cm high heels so my I couldn’t catch up to him, I was so disappointed!

We continued our walk down the river Seine and the view was to die for. We visited Pont des Arts, Pont Neuf, Notre Dame, Place Du Dauphin, Palace Du Palais Royal and all down the Champs elysees. Basically we walk all over Paris and my little legs were just about to quit. Our last stop was the Arc de Triomphe and we witnessed the most beautiful sunset, so of course it was time for photo shooting.

When we got home we were exhausted. After the longest day of my life we were finally headed to bed and just as we were about to plan our day ahead my body just shut down and I was dead asleep in 5min because I was so tired , but it was worth it!

Stay tuned for tomorrows post if you want to know all about my Paris trip!

A bientôt mon ami,
Amour, KEENAH*IMG_2764

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