C’est la vie*

IMG_1003-2Hello lovelies!

Are you also planning your summer get way in the Fashion capital?

This year I decided that right after my exams , instead of the beach, I’ll fly directly to Paris! Paris is always a good idea, right? There is nothing better than summer spent somewhere far away from home with a suitcase full of expectations and excitement.

As a little girl I’ve already fallen madly in love with this place through watching all the romantic movies. Not just because of it’s amazing architecture and the romantic atmosphere, but also because Paris is the place where high fashion took it’s first steps into the world. I visited Paris two times already and it never ceases to amaze me, it just wows me every time.

And of course roaming the fashion capitals should be done in style. And how better to roam the city streets in the middle of the summer than in a dress that turns all the heads! When I think of Paris the first thing that pops in my mind is Gossip girl and how Serena and Blair were enjoying everything the city has to offer in their most beautiful designer dresses. And why shouldn’t we treat ourselves with such an indulgence too?
The city of lights and love conjures up such a calm, fun atmosphere that takes us into a whole new world. A new world where even a small glimpse of fashion doesn’t escape the eye. I just adore foreign cities far away, where I can calmly run free in a long dress, that I’m dragging behind me and feel like a true fashion icon in it!

This time around I’m trying something completely new and different. I will design and create my own dresses in which I will take Paris by storm. I just love the idea that you can make something that you created on a paper come alive. The dress that I’m wearing was made by my own hands, with a little help with my sweet mom of course. I’m so happy and I can’t wait to start on my other dress.

So girls don’t be shy and wake up the diva inside you and just enjoy the beauties of the world in amazing outfits!

Love always, KEENAH*

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