blooooClassy, sassy and a bit smart assy!

These are the three things every girl should keep in mind while getting ready in the morning. it’s quite funny how you can describe your whole look while using only a few words, but each word holds such meaning and power.

I don’t like to define my style always as classy because you have to have fun with your outfit from time to time and spice it up. But I do always make sure I stay tasteful and not go overboard with cleavage, popping colours and so on. The word stylish does not mean up to date like you have to wear just what you see in the magazines and what is cool, but it’s how you mix and match your pieces and make your personal style pop.

This outfit is just perfect for going out, it’s not too showy but it’s just the right amount of sexy. Even the smallest cuts can make a dress go from a 6-10. It’s not about how much legs you are showing or how deep the neckline is but it’s about showing just enough and still feel comfortable. I hate it when girls go partying and go all out (boobs out, but-cheeks out, belly out,…), I mean I understand that when it’s in the middle of summer but if you are doing it all the time it’s just not flattering.

I know many of young girls feel very confident in their skin and I’m not saying that’s a bad thing because it’s great and I wish I was too, but sometimes too much is too much. Every girl should poses a dash of class. First it will make you look ten times better and more mature and also you will get a little more respect.

I love spirited and cheeky people because they bring fun to the table and that’s what life is all about, having fun and enjoying life. If you’re feeling kinda down just put on some bright colours and walk out the door like you are ready to concur the world.


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